Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers

As a provider you have seen inequities in our current health care system. You’d like to see patients receive seamless care in the most appropriate setting. You’d like to see improvement in outcomes through closer collaboration. The bottom line is: you want to treat patients and help them lead healthier lives.

The University of Iowa Health Alliance is working on solutions to these and other challenges presented by the current health system.

Together, we are evolving the business of health care, as well as innovating clinical care, research and education. The alliance is making significant investments to identify patients with gaps in care and to better manage population health. We’re investing in network-wide platforms for clinical integration, as well as reporting and patient communications tools that will drive greater quality into our system. We’re obtaining the data needed to make improvements to payment and reimbursement systems, as well as better manage the drivers of cost such as drugs, imaging, hospital stays and emergency room visits.

We invite individual physicians, as well as group practices and hospitals to partner with us. For more details, please contact us.

University of Iowa Health Alliance

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