We share a common goal: improving your employees’ health and controlling rising health care costs.  You look to us to provide a simpler, more effective, more efficient system of caring for your employees.


Affordable Insurance Options

We have collaborated with coOportunity Health on the Iowa Health Insurance Exchange.  Learn more about options available for employers that can be considered beginning October 1, 2013 and become effective January 1, 2014.  Visit cooportunityhealth.com and click on Get Educated.


Employee Wellness or Occupational Health Programs

The physician and hospital members of the University of Iowa Health Alliance are committed to wellness first. We will all benefit by keeping employees healthy and out of the hospital. And we’re partnering with organizations just like yours to prevent and better manage chronic disease in your employees.

We offer a new value proposition: we’re positively changing the employee health care experience and we’re delivering care more efficiently. We understand that success, yours and ours, will be measured by managing drivers of costs such as drugs, imaging, hospital stays and emergency room visits. It is also measured by the quality of care and its positive result.

Look to UIHA members to continue to innovate, providing solutions to improve the cost of care you offer employees. Contact us today to discuss opportunities to work together in your locations.

University of Iowa Health Alliance

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